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Try our Keto Chocolate & Caramel Cake - Delicious and Guilt Free

Did you know you can still enjoy cake even if you are on a Keto Diet?

Living a keto lifestyle doesn't mean giving up on everything you find delicious.
In fact, there are plenty of low carb, high flavour treats that should not compromise your healthy lifestyle and are entirely guilt-free.

If you're craving something sweet, satisfying and keto-friendly, you must try this Keto Chocolate Caramel Cake.

This heavenly dessert is free from wheat flour and sugar, making it the perfect treat for anyone on a low sugar and low carb diet.

Handcrafted by Rincón del Manjar - a local cakery right here in Auckland, New Zealand - this cake is perfect for those who are gluten-intolerant, sugar conscious or aiming to improve their wellness.

Our Ingredients

We use only premium keto friendly ingredients such as 85% chocolate and our very own Keto Milk Caramel.

Ingredients include almond flour, extra virgin coconut oil, mascarpone cheese, stevia sweetener and fresh strawberries to make our cake flavoursome and gratifying.

About Rincón del Manjar

We are a local cakery based in Auckland, New Zealand and all our cakes are freshly made to order.

Our keto cakes have originated from requests to bake treats that were suitable for those who are gluten intolerant, have diabetes or are just following a keto diet.

We also make Keto Cheesecakes, Chocolate/Vanilla Sponge Cakes, Mousse Cakes, Brownies and Keto Snacks - you just gotta ask about it!

Made with quality ingredients, care and passion, our cakes are not just dessert—they’re a celebration of flavour and vitality.

Discover the sweet side of Keto life and place your order today! 🧡

🚗 Local delivery within Auckland - Pickup available in Glenfield

Text us at 021 0268-1913 or Contact Us through the form


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